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Mentorship Program

About the program

I've always been passionate about helping people reach their full potential, a trait reflected in my top Clifton Strengths: Developer. Recognizing and nurturing others' potential brings me immense satisfaction. This insight inspired me to create this mentorship program, leveraging my talents and experience for the greater good.

As an "Achiever," I'm committed to your success. You'll learn to identify and leverage your strengths, develop a robust brand and marketing strategy, and build a team aligned with your values.

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Conscious entrepreneurs

This mentorship program is designed for conscious professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building successful personal brands or businesses, while making a positive impact on the world. It caters specifically to those dedicated to socially responsible ventures.

Program Structure

Here is a short overview of the program structure.


Discovering your why and crafting your vision.

Week 1: Welcome,  expectations, work plan.

Week 1: Understanding the importance of a personal "why."

Week 2: Crafting your personal and/or business vision statements

Week 2: Developing a mission statement and values.

Grow Your Vision

Embark on this 8-week mentorship program for conscious professionals and entrepreneurs. As a Developer and Achiever, I'm committed to unlocking your potential, guiding you in building impactful brands and teams.

Tailored for socially responsible ventures, the program offers personalized support, connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, and a focus on sustainability.

The program is by application only, offering personalized support and resources tailored to you individual needs, ensuring a transformative journey toward achieving your dreams and contributing to a better world.

Apply now to be part of this empowering experience.


Let's turn your dreams into reality together.

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