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"The difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad." - Miles Kington

About me

Life long startegist, orchestrator and doer.

I've worn many hats and gathered lots of experience and wisdom along the way. I'll share my professional journey and offer insights into my personal life. 

Professionally, I’m a results-driven executive with extensive business development and account management experience across various industries. I have a proven track record of driving strategic planning, development, and impeccable execution for complex projects.

Personally, I’m a mom, a spiritual partner, a friend, an eternal student, a seeker and thankfully, also finder.



These are the companies I'm a partner in

These companies is where I pour my heart into. I love working here and with every single individual that works here. This is where my professional aptitudes of strategy & orchestration are put to service.

Logo Vapro Americas b_w_edited.png

A branding consulting, brand stewardship and fractional CMO team with extensive experience, that supports you in all the planning and execution processes of marketing and communication plans. We provide direction that aligns with company objectives and lead marketing and advertising efforts to provide optimal returns on investment.

Logo horizontal negro.png

A community that empowers people on their spiritual journey towards self-discovery, growth and conscious living. A space where seekers can come together to explore ancient and modern wisdom, raise their consciousness, and connect with like-minded souls.

Logo KRATOS-vertical_edited.png

An experienced and multidisciplinary team that structures comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional solutions, legal and financial engineering, and advises on transaction tactics and strategies. We provide assistance and advice on negotiations and transactions involving hybrid financing of private projects as well as the financing of government institutions and institutional projects.

Logo TWP_edited_edited_edited.png

We improve profitability, employee retention rates and productivity, by helping them connect with their purpose and creating high performance teams.

Happy to have been able to support such great clients... when work never feels like work...

Juan Ernesto Aguilera

Ola Cruises

 "Daniela has a great combination of strategic thinking, creativity and strong analytical skills, being a solid fact finder and clear and neat presenter of ideas"

Let's consume great content TOGETHER:
Seekers' Circle

I'm a lifelong learner, I can't stop studying and learning new things.

My passion for growth and sharing has led me to create this online community for like-minded seekers to embark on a meaningful quest and expand our consciousness to elevate our lives.

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