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THE FULL STORY (for now)

Life long startegist, orquestrator and doer

This is just part of the story as of today... the full, full story is a book in the works, that will publish at the perfect time.


Today I feel I’m the threshold of the other half of my life. I’m filled with energy, excitement and anticipation of what is to come.

I look back at my personal and professional life and I’m so in awe of all that I have lived and witnessed, I feel now it is time to be of service, give back and use this acquired knowledge and wisdom to do its best use.



I’m a very energetic, results-driven executive with extensive business development and account management experience across various industries. I have a proven track record of driving strategic planning, development, and impeccable execution for complex projects.

I completed a double major in Social Communications and Business Administration with Marketing and Advertising concentrations at Boston College USA. After graduation, I joined Vapro, an important and recognized communications company in Venezuela, for over 20 years.

My time at Vapro gave me a proven track record of driving strategic planning, development, and implementation for complex projects. I effectively managed relationships with clients and stakeholders from all walks of life. It also taught me how much I enjoy teaching, how much I value team work, creativity, diversity and what kind of a leader I am.


In recent years,                         

I have supported companies in project leadership and business development, using my proven managerial capacity and professional network for brands and companies that seek to develop specific projects and grow in an organized and structured manner.

Apparently, when I was born, the planet Mercury was “direct”, which gifted me with pretty good communications skills, also making me an accomplished public speaker who has given many workshops and talks on management, social media, and innovation.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I have always been committed to giving back, having served on the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries International – Venezuelan Chapter for more than 12 years and having consulted ad honorem for well-known foundations, such as Andrea Brillo de Un Angel and El Hospital San Juan de Dios in Venezuela.

Most recently, I developed a Mentorship Program for entrepreneurs with socially conscious business ideas, helping them with their personal and professional growth while assisting in growing companies that make this world a better place.


I’m a mom, a spiritual partner, a friend, an eternal student, a seeker and thankfully, also finder. Mom, to the most wonderful 3 children any mom could ever wish for. Spiritual Partner, to this man that I still can’t believe exists in this universe, and I have been so fortunate to manifest in my life. Friend, to a few really unique individuals that add such richness to my life, and for whom I am so grateful. A seeker, always learning about this ever-expanding universe. A finder of love, magic, mysticism, synchronicities and laughter.

I rotated in all the different departments, deeply understanding all the processes and learning about each discipline. With time, I became Director and shareholder of the company, I led a multidisciplinary team of almost a 100 people and handled important accounts such as Coca-Cola FEMSA, BBVA Banco Provincial, Chrysler de Venezuela, Fiat de Venezuela, Venezolana de Pinturas, Microsoft, Avon Johnson & Johnson, and Banesco, among others. For my clients, I planned and directed their communications, advertising, PR, social responsibility plans, digital developments, and social media requirements, not only locally in Venezuela, but also, for some of them, internationally for Latin America. You could say, this made me a generalist and an a masterful orchestrator.

In Vapro, I also led the process of restructuring the company and the introduction of new technological platforms for the effective operation of the company. Additionally, I led the incorporation of the digital development and social media teams, including both of them into the strategic and creative process of the agency. I also led the incorporation of internal communications services for clients, working directly with human resources management to achieve coherence and synergy between the external messages of the brands and the internal messages of the companies towards their work teams, worked in culture engagement with almost all of its clients.

Three of my most relevant experiences include the purchase of Seguros Caracas by Liberty Mutual, the purchase of Pepsi Venezuela by Coca-Cola FEMSA, and working for Banesco.


I’m hopeful I’ll be able to tell this full story in my upcoming book… I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

With Emilio Estefan

My 3 Saltamontes


These are the companies I'm a partner in

These companies is where I pour my heart into. I love working here and with every single individual that works here. This is where my professional aptitudes are put to service.

Logo Vapro Americas b_w_edited.png

Branding strategy, stewardship & marketing

Sixty one years ago my father founded Vapro. When I was 9, I had my first summer job there. It is at Vapro where I had the opportuntity to develop, and grow professionally. Amaizing team, great Clients. We are still delivering outstanding results.

An on line community for growth and exploration

Curiosity and growth propel this proyect forward. A deeply personal proyect that hopes to create a community of growth and co elevation for seekers of wisdom and knowlege around the world.

Logo KRATOS-vertical_edited.png

High level legal financial and advisory

Life opens doors and gives you new opportunities to develop. Kratos is the result of a great big door that opened up almost 10 years ago, allowing us to help companies grow.

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High performing teams, engagement and purpose

With this incredible team of passionate, talented profesionals we impact the world, making organizations better places to grow and work.


I do most of my consulting through my companies, but you could still book a consultation through this page:

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